Saturday, March 28, 2009

The World Looks Different from the Back Door

We have five cats. They almost have the rank and status of people in our household. Almost. They are part of the reason I don't go to the gym. They ARE my exercise program.

Veterinary types argue that you should make all of your cats indoor cats. Funny thing - they're never around when it comes time to clean the litter boxes. Besides, I live in a very rural setting and my cats do not go far from the house very often.

This week there has been rain. Which under normal circumstances is a blessing. The cats, however, do not like to go outside in the rain. Some of them will and some of them will test the very limits of their bladders or go to the litter box rather than go out in the rain. Without fail there is something we do when it rains that makes me laugh.

We go to the front door. We peruse the weather and landscape. It disappoints. We shut and lock the storm door. The cat heads for the back door in hopes that things will be different when we get there. The human follows in tow.

We arrive at the back door. We open it and peruse the weather and landscape. It is STILL, shock upon shock, raining. We cannot believe our terrible luck and we turn away from the back door in dismay to sit and think before we give in to visit the litter box(which gets scooped and changed pretty often I might add).

The world does look different from the back door BUT it is still raining.

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