Tuesday, March 17, 2009

If It Ain't Broke, Don't Fix it

I guess as a hint, this should be subtitled, "Change."

Change as a word and an action is static. It doesn't have a flavor or a leaning until you put it up against the status quo. I'm not against change but I'm not necessarily for it either.

The change button didn't sway me in the last election. It doesn't sway me now. You see many things I hold sacred and don't feel need changing are now being mutilated by the president and the incumbent political party. They're doing it to make some people they like happier. They think the pendulum needs to swing the other way for awhile.

While I didn't agree with everything George Bush did. I didn't disagree with everything he did either and I never hated the man. Just because I disagree with someone does not make me a hater. The last 4 years he was in office he acted like some Democrat had invaded his body. (It would have made a good movie title, "Invasion of the Democratic Body Snatchers.") But that's a tangent...

To me the acts of the current administration are like the proverbial bull in a china shop. They are justified by the words and/or thoughts, "Well, at least I'm doing something to change things and make them better." That remains to be seen...and for me I'm of the opinion that some things that have been trampled by the bull were precious to me and I hate to see them destroyed.

Bulls belong in the pasture, not the china shop. And change should be well thought out before it takes place. That spoken I think I'm going to work on making some change happen myself. If only you could see the set of my jaw.

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