Sunday, April 5, 2009

Nothing Says I Love You Like...Toilet Paper

We are truly blessed to have 2...yes 2...bathrooms in our house. Having spent most of my life in a one bathroom abode, I do not take this for granted. One bathroom is in the master suite and the other is across from our daughter's room. We call it "hers" except for when company comes and we try to have it clean and presentable for those occasions.

Often, dear daughter will be sitting at the computer and my hubby will be doing something else while I walk through the living room to take toilet paper to the "guest" bathroom. I always say to her as I walk by, "Nothing says I love you like having enough toilet paper."

Recently, my husband said to me, "Toilet paper is not what says I love you to me." So I decided to follow his lead. "Well, what does say I love you to you?"

"Having the back door unlocked when I come home from work with my arms full," he said. So I said "Okay, I'll keep that in mind."

The toilet paper love idea really started with my mother you know...she is so practical that over the course of my life I've come to accept that I will certainly receive some article of underclothing for a Christmas present and I should just be gracious and low key and get on with gift opening. Private gratitude should be expressed afterward in a quiet corner. "Nothing says I love you like new underwear," according to my mother. She also sends me toilet paper in the back of my husband's car occasionally.

I don't know what says "I love you" to you. However, I highly recommend you notice what others are doing in your life when they try to say I love you. There are other ways I try to show love: cooking meals, keeping the pantry stocked, paying bills, washing, drying, folding and putting away laundry...You get the picture.

My husband says "I love you" by going to a job that he doesn't love for 5 days of the week. He provides a way for me to say "I love you" by doing the things I do. It's an endless cycle.

All I know is this...if I give you toilet paper you should know that I care very deeply about you and your welfare. Wink, wink..

Reprinted from an original post of mine on Myspace dated May 1, 2008.

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